How to go to Sultanahmet from Sabiha Gokcen Airport with Public Transport

I want to show how to use only public transport from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sultanahmet Area. Unfortunately there is no direct bus from Sultanahmet  to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

But there are buses from airport to Kadikoy. So you can use boats
on boshphour to go Eminonu.

     Sultanahmet – Sabiha Gokcen Airport Public Transport Route

e10-sabiha-gokcen-airport-to-kadikoy-public-busStep1  – E – 10 or SG – 1 BUS form Airport to KADIKOY

Firstly Get in E – 10 Public Bus on airport.. it is easy to find
them enterance, if you cant see just ask information office, or airport
staff around. This bus’ last destination is Kadikoy. So do not worry,
impossible to miss where to get out :D..

E-10 Bus details 

SG-1 Bus Details


     Kadikoy  – Eminonu Boat Route

kadikoy-eminonu-karakoy-boatsStep2 – USE BOAT from Kadikoy to EMINONU or KARAKOY

E-10 airport Bus will stop near sea side,
very  close to Eminonu – Kadikoy Boats station. U will walk a few steps to
get in Boat for passing to Europian side. it take 15 – 20 minutes to go
Eminonu from Kadikoy in boat. If you get out from boat in Eminonu, you can walk a few minutes to Sirkeci Train Station.

Eminou – Sultanahmet Tram line

Step3 – USE TRAM from Eminonu or Karakoy to SULTANAHMET

After You get out from boat, You need to use Tram for going to
Sultanahmet Area. Tram enterance a few steps away from Boat stations in
Eminonu or Karakoy. Karakoy seems better because walking distance is shorter. If you do not wanna use tram, you can use taxi to hotel door.
It cant be so expensive you are very close to your hotel now.



Alternative Way is Going To Taksim From Sabiha Gokcen. lets make it simple. Go to Taksim first and use Taxi to Sultanahmet.

SG -2 Public Bus goes to Taksim from Sabiha Gokcen Airport. you can use taxi from taksim to Sultanahmet.

SG-2 Bus Details

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area – Banana Kong Missions

Difficult BananaKong Mission

I am still playing Bananakong game on my Ipad2 . But i can not do that mission. I am sure what it wants from me from previous missions. But 8 currents are too much. So can you suggest me how can i catch currents , I generally miss them so I cant pass 3.

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area

Currents On Bananakong in Underwater

What is Current in Underwater?

I made a red ellipsis over it. it lets you increase your speed for 1 second. So you can gain on some distance with alligator on behind.



Cagatay Ulusoy and His Wife? Who is She?

Cagatay Ulusoy is a turkish actor and best model of Turkey. After he acted in many tv serials, he reached at fame wordwide. His fans are curious about his relationship. Is cagatay ulusoy married? Who is Cagatay Ulusoy’s wife?  if he is not married, does he have a girlfriend? Who is Cagatay Ulusoy’s lover? so I want to answer them all.

Cagatay Ulusoy is single so He has no wife…

Nowadays he is not with any girl, If he tells about his life on interviews, I will update this page and show his girlfriend’s photos.

This photo is from Med Cezir. Yaman and Mira married at the end of tv serial..
Yaman is Çağatay Ulusoy, Mira is Serenay Sarikaya.

Lots of magazine news said they are also dating in real life, but they never approved news. And now Serenay Sarikaya is together with Kerem Bursin.

This photo is from I named her Feriha
Feriha is Hazal Kaya, Emir is Çagatay Ulusoy, They also married in tv serie
So it is not real, only on turkish drama

Lionel Messi Body 6 Pack Abs Photos

Messi Body Photos

There is no doubt that Lionel Messi is best footballer in the World now. But i wanted to talk about something else. All soccer player is a fit sportman and athlete. We generally watch Messi’s tackles and how he pass opponent team’s players but we never think how he exercise to be so fast. So all footballers get a nice body.

Lets see Lionel’s shirtless body photos.. Can you see his abs 6 packs while he is walking on sea in shorts.





Turkish Desserts Names – Turkish Delights Sweets Photos

Best Turkish Desserts Pictures

I love eating sweets.. So I wanted to share my favourite sweets and desserts names from Turkey. hmmm Yummy








Kaymakli Ekmek Kadayifi





















Yogurt Dessert





Hanim Gobegi


Vezir Parmagi





Cekme Halva


irmik halvah


Tavuk Gogsu – chicken!








Sutlu Nuriye – milky



Bulbul Yuvasi




Fistikli Durum





cevizli sucuk


Maras Dondurmasi – ice cream from Maras



chestnut Sweet


They used Dummy as Towel – Toilet Hidden Camera Prank

toilet-hidden-camera-prank-dummy-towel I loved that prank so much. They tested people and it exactly happened how they expected. They put a dummy with a simple dress. After people use toilet, they could not find paper towels. And they noticed that dummy. Nobody said anything about it but they wanted to use it as towel. But it is not over. They did not simply dry their hands. They did weird things to dummy with their wet hands 😀 Lets watch prank.

You and stranger speak the same language. Omegle Chat

Why all people in from my country on omegle?

After Omegle created interests box, They decided to match people from same country. So if you do not add interests or omegle cant match you with interests, you will chat with someone from your country.. Humm actually it is very good for a chat website. Because all people can not speak english so they may want to chat in their mother language. If somebody wanna talk english, they can use common interests.


I suggest you to add English as common interest. or any country name if you do not want to talk with people from same country.

I like to add travel too. So I can meet with many interesting people who travels. What is your most favourite interest on omegle?

Tarkan’s Girlfriend 2016 – Pinar Dilek

We fistly read from Turkish magazine news, Tarkan is preparing for marriage. But who is his girlfriend? Nobody realized if he had a lover.

Tarkan will marry with Pinar Dilek… He approved this news via Social Media

So Who is Tarkan’s REAL Girlfriend?

Tarkan’s Girlfriend : Pinar Dilek is a Turkish lady who born in Germany

When will Tarkan marry?

There is no certain answer but they are about to marry soon, maybe next month or other.. They gossip about where Tarkan will do the wedding. They say it can be in Tarkan’s Villa in Istanbul.

Halit Ergenc’s Wife Berguzar Korel Video

Turkish actor Halit Ergenc is very famous around the world now. You probably know him from Suleyman from the Magnificent Century tv serial. Do you know who is Halit Ergenc’s wife? She is also very famous and popular across the globe. Berguzar Korel and Halit Ergenc acted on leading rolse on “Bincir Gece”. And they fell in love and married in real life too.. So their marriage becomes like a fairytale as their tv serie 🙂


Halit Ergenc and her wife Berguzar Korel on a special night, they look so elegant as a couple.

Look at her how beautiful she is

Best Model of Turkey Winners List – Turkish Models

Best Models Of Turkey

Did you know turkish people like beauty contests and care it so much. Because in last years winners dont stay as best model of Turkey, They got fame all around the world with Turkish Tv serives and movies. So when you check winners’ list out, you will recognize many names whom you watch in TV channels.

So Best models of Turkey List

1988 Sibel Tan

1989 Begum Ozbek

1990 Esin Moralıoglu

1991 Deniz Pulas

1992 Maide Ercelebi

1993 Ebru Urun & Berke Hurcan

1994 Sema Simsek & Burak Hakki

1995 Eylem Celiker & Volkan Kademlioglu

1996 Guzide Duran & Fuat Cingiler

1997 Deniz Akkaya & Kenan Imirzalioglu


1998 Burcu Kutluk & Cagdas Karasu

1999 Tugba Karaca & Faik Ergin

2000 Senay Akin & Alp Kirsan

2001 Senay Akay & Mehmet Akif Alakurt

2002 Irmak Atuk & Kıvanc Tatlitug


2003 Sebnem Surucu & Yusuf Sahan Gurdal

2004 Fatma Yaman ve Simge Tertemiz & Mert Ocal

2005 Tugce Guder & Burak Ozcivit

2006 Neslihan Onder & Fatih Cansız

2007 Senem Kuyucuoglu & Kaan Aypulat

2008 Yelda Kara & Armagan Oguz

2009 Eda Sedalı ve Tugce Sarikaya & Erkan Meric ve Ilhan Sen

2010 Yeliz Mete & Cagatay Ulusoy



2011 Tugba Melis Turk – Furkan Palali & Serkan Tanirgan



2012 Sezgi Sena Akay – Berk Atan


2013 Aysenur Ozkan – Burak Celik
2014 Cansu Melis Karakuş – Caner Tanrıverdi

2015 – Yagmur Ayrık- Yilmaz Kunt