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Rapha Rising Badge 2017

Strava users who became member of Rapha club joined a competition, They had to climb 4600 m in between 1-23 July, 2017. Whoever finished that distance, entitled to get a phisical badge and also digital badge on Strava challenges page.

I recieved it today and i loved it so much, does not it look so cool?

Thanks to Rapha for this nice souvenir

Lionel Messi Body 6 Pack Abs Photos

Messi Body Photos

There is no doubt that Lionel Messi is best footballer in the World now. But i wanted to talk about something else. All soccer player is a fit sportman and athlete. We generally watch Messi’s tackles and how he pass opponent team’s players but we never think how he exercise to be so fast. So all footballers get a nice body.

Lets see Lionel’s shirtless body photos.. Can you see his abs 6 packs while he is walking on sea in shorts.





Jose Mourinho Borat Dance Real Madrid Players – Animated Gif

Real Madrid Footballers dance After victory



After Real Madrid – Barcelona match, a random user on twitter shared this pic and i saw and could not stop laughing. Look at their heads how fit pefrect in video. Original dance video is from Borat movie. You can notice Borat from his suit as Mourinho 😀 Lets count players in Real Madrid of video the fat one is Benzema 😀 welll I see Cristiano Ronaldo of course. Pepe, Marcello, Mesut Ozil, goolkeeper Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso..

and this is original video from Borat movie…


Cristiano Ronaldo Body Photos 6 Pack

Ronaldo’s Body Pictures

Some people argue about who is best footballer in the world but I am sure about Cristiano Ronaldo is best on something else: Popularity! Just a few years ago David Beckham was most popular and now Ronaldo took his position. What are their common qualifications? Being handsome, charisma, athletic body and talent of course. I think Ronaldo also likes to show off 🙂 He has very nice body and I am sure that many guys are jealous about him and go to gym, workout to have a body like him. His abs, 6 packs are adorable and all people accept that even bodybuilding trainers…


Cristiano Ronaldo Goal shows off Leg Muscle Celebration

Ronaldo Leg Celebration

christiano-ronaldo-leg-muscleCristiano Ronaldo is best player of Real Madrid and actually he is one the best football player in the world after Lionel Messi ( No arguments please) He made an amazing long distance goal on Ossasuna match in la liga. And he celebrated his goal very interesting. Raise his shorts up and started to show his leg with his finger which kicked the ball for goal. I do not know why he did it. Probably he worked out for upper leg and he proved its results with this goal? Or he just wanted to show off. You know he is very good athleth and has amazing body. Many women loves his six pack, boys wanna get a body like him. Anyway lets watch mister leg’s goal.

Real Madrid Dance Waka Waka Jose Mourinho Shakira Animated Gif

Jose Mourinho Shakira Dance



Real Madrid knows how to dance well 😀 This is second Real Madrid Victory Dance. You know first one is with Borat Movie. In this video I can see Jose Mourinho as Shakira and his footballers goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Marcello, Sergio Ramos and Christiano Ronaldo.. Original video is from Shakira Waka Waka song. It looks like samba or some african dances.