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Never Touch the Ground While passing an underwater area – Bananakong Missions

BananaKong Mission

I like to play BananaKong on my Ipad. I especially like to do missions on game but I did not understand what it says on this mission. Can someone please help me what to do?


I finally passed this mission. It was easy, I just could not understand due to my lack of english. It says dont touch ground when you swim in underwater. If you never click screen, Kong will go to ground of Water. So you have to be careful and click until crocodile bites your butt 🙂

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area – Banana Kong Missions

Difficult BananaKong Mission

I am still playing Bananakong game on my Ipad2 . But i can not do that mission. I am sure what it wants from me from previous missions. But 8 currents are too much. So can you suggest me how can i catch currents , I generally miss them so I cant pass 3.

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area

Currents On Bananakong in Underwater

What is Current in Underwater?

I made a red ellipsis over it. it lets you increase your speed for 1 second. So you can gain on some distance with alligator on behind.



Best Games on Ipad – Most popular Free games on Tablet

I love to play games on my ipad since I bought it 🙂 But I do not like all games , I generally try and delete if it is boring. So only best ones can stay on my tablet. I decided to share games’S name which I play. You can download games from Apple store or Androit Market. in my list all games are free…

Jetpack Joyride


My first game.. I mean it was so popular when i bought an ipad 2. So I played this game many times. But unfortunately it becomes boring with time. Nothing changes in game.. So you can play it and enjoy well until it started to be boring..



Run Run Bearrun-bear-jetpack-bear-game-tablet

This games seems like Joyride. Just characters are different. Both have different story but playing style is same. If you like to play Joyride, you should play run run bear too..

Blood And Glorygladiator-game-on-ipad-pc-blood-and-glory

One of the best games of Ipad.. You have a gladiator and you need to buy swords, shields, helmets etc to make him stronger and beat all opponents. I still could not beat last guy in the game :/ My guy is still so weak. So I wait free gifts from game to be make my warrior stronger.

Running Fredrunning-fred-arcade-game-download

I love this game a lot. Firstly it is not so easy and I always loved arcade games. So Running Fred is really one of good tablet pc games. Dont spend your coins so fast in game because you may need to open more stages in game. They also prepare new stages so I will not be bored from this game..
Air Wings air-wings-paper-planes-war-game

This is my game. Best multiplayer game on tablet computers. You have a paper plane and you have to beat your opponents with little weapons like dart or pens.. You should try this game with your friends.. Also you can talk in game. It lets voice communication in game. I rate 5 stars this game.

Flick Soccer HDflick-soccer-hd-freekick-soccer-game

Ball and goalkeeper. Use your finger to shoot. Good luck 🙂

This game seemed so childish on first glance. But it is a serious puzzle which is hard to solve.. And they make news stages.. You should try this game.
Wordfeud Scrabble Oyunuwordfeud-scrabble-english-words-for-friends

Have you ever played Scrabble before? If yes and you like scrabble, Wordfeud is best game for it. There are words for friends game is available too but it has many bugs! Also it waits a lot for adverts. So Wordfeud almost has no error. I like that a lot but they should make a worldwide ranks between players.

Slide Soccerslide-soccer-football-multiplayer

An interesting 2 player game. They should definitely add chat option. I wanna tell GOOALLL after i make score 😛
Angry Birdsangry-birds-free-games-download

It is a classical. I do not even need to explain this game. They say Angry Birds space is on sale. is there anybody who does not like Angry birds?


Chasing Yello

Goldfish Yello refuse to live in an aquarium and it try to escape in every chance. But freedom is not easy on river, he face with some difficulties as rocks, woods, piranhas.. So he has to dive deep or jump also can use jetpack..Ah her little master girl even try to catch him in river.. You should help Yello with her escape.

Death Rallydeath-rally-car-race

A nice car race game. You watch game from top and gameplay is not so bad.
Road Warrior
I am not sure to say it as car race. Because there is no turning car. It goes itself you just need to shoot enemies and spin when your car jumps. Just try at least
Wind-up Knightwind-up-knight-arcade-game-hints

An amazing arcade game. 4 button for jump, sword, shild and roll. You can use your thumbs. Game is definitely not easy after passing many stages. So try to finish all books in game. Lets see

Brothers In Arms – Bia2
Actually you may remember this game from video games or computer. So it is on ipad in same good quality. It was difficult for me to learn at beginnig but after you used to play it , you cant stop yourself.



Robbery Bob – Man of Steal
I know robbery is a crime but our thief guy Bob always get in trouble and has to steal something from houses, offices etc. It was so fun to help him not to catch by police or landlord 🙂 I will wait next chapters.

Online Scrabble Word Games List

Where are Scrable Players? your smart phone or tablet, do you play scrable everyday? Do you want to play with good players? Please add your username and anything u want to describe yourself as comment. So New players will add you…

Online Mobile Scrabble GAMES

Wordfeud Player Lists

Wordswords-with-friends-scrabble-game With Friends Players




Angryangry-words-scrabble-mobile-game-players Words Players




Word Tricword-trick-scrabble-game-usernamesk


Ipad Chat Applications – Instant Messaging for Tablets

Best Chat Applications For Ipad and Tablets

I made a  list Chat applications suitable for Ipad, Iphone, Ipod touch or android smart phones and tablet computers. I downloaded and used all these applications on my Ipad so you can search their names on Apple store or Android market. If you know another chat thingies , let me know please…




Apple’s chat with camera application. You need to give your Apple ID to your friend and you can use it on any type Apple Device as Iphone, Ipad, Ipod.. But you can not type if you open camera so you need to speak. But Quality is really good.




popular instant messaging application on Internet. Its mobile version
is really good. You can even send photos. Cam and typing together is
possible. So it is best IM application for me..




Google finally made their messenger application which lets us instant messaging and doing video calls. It works well on mobile and desktop computers too. If you use gmail as mail service, you absolutely use Hangouts for mobile too.



popular IM application… Sending pictures and videos is available. It
does not let u open camera but it is a succesful one.




You record your phone numbers and sign in. You can send pics and talk on mic. It really works well.



Difficult to understand how that application works first time. It is a photo chatting program. You send a photo and recievers can see a few seconds. And you reply with a new photo. You can edit your pic and write a few words with photo. Just that.. I do not use it but teenagers love this chat style




What a cute name for a chat application. My new favourite program. Because there are 2 nice ways to interact with strangers. Find a friend on map. It means you can find people close to your city. Other is Random Chat. Simply system matchs you with a random stranger. Really good application. Fave me now and i will favourite you back 🙂



BBM – BlackBerry Messenger

Ok BlackBerry Brand made their own message application as Samsung and Apple but why it is so simple.. I mean if i do not have BlackBerry tell me just 1 reason to use BBM…




I was so hopeful about WeChat since i tried it. Because It has lots of preferences for finding new people.  You may see many Asian people but i believe it will be very popular in future.




I felt like Japan made their popular application against China’s WeChat. But i still think WeChat made it well. Because Line has no ways to socialize with strangers.



Coco Voice

Messaging with voice. I tried , works with no problem , it even has chat rooms but nobody talk.


Tap to Chat Facebook

Facebook chat application. I am happy with it .




Very famous chat website on internet for years. So finaly they made it for mobile devices. Same system, There are chat rooms and you can watch people’s webcams.




Walkie Talkie application


Y! Messenger

Yahoo messenger for mobile devices. It did not work properly on my Ipad. It closes itself, freeze screen, you see new message alert but sentences never appears. You can open cameras but you can not write anymore also Cam quality is horrible. I do not like Y! Messenger.




Japan made Line, China created WeChat so South Korea have KakaoTalk. I tried application but i felt like there ise a messenger program pattern and only they change application name. I felt it is same as others. If you do not have friends from South Korea, why should you use it?


KeeChat Messenger

Yes there is a messenger application for mobile as KeeChat but it has many lack.



They say Dont use SMS, use Tictoc for free messaging. Okay but what else? All other applications do same service, so what is your difference? I could not see any..