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They used Dummy as Towel – Toilet Hidden Camera Prank

toilet-hidden-camera-prank-dummy-towel I loved that prank so much. They tested people and it exactly happened how they expected. They put a dummy with a simple dress. After people use toilet, they could not find paper towels. And they noticed that dummy. Nobody said anything about it but they wanted to use it as towel. But it is not over. They did not simply dry their hands. They did weird things to dummy with their wet hands 😀 Lets watch prank.

Jose Mourinho Borat Dance Real Madrid Players – Animated Gif

Real Madrid Footballers dance After victory



After Real Madrid – Barcelona match, a random user on twitter shared this pic and i saw and could not stop laughing. Look at their heads how fit pefrect in video. Original dance video is from Borat movie. You can notice Borat from his suit as Mourinho 😀 Lets count players in Real Madrid of video the fat one is Benzema 😀 welll I see Cristiano Ronaldo of course. Pepe, Marcello, Mesut Ozil, goolkeeper Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso..

and this is original video from Borat movie…