Sunday, August 10, 2014

Omegle Common interests Lists

I wrote something before to explain what is common interests on omegle. But I thought why do not we create our interests lists? For example you wrote many things at past. But today you feel so sad.. And you entered on omegle but topics are too irrelevant with your mood. Also people will not want to talk with you due to your mood. So let's seperate our words as different moods..omegle-common-interests-list
ps: copy paste wont work on omegle, you need to add words one by one. good luck

Adventurer people list: Travel, traveler, couchsurfing, bungee jumping, extreme sports, parachuting, backpacker,

Sad mood list : sad sadness depression depressed stress loneliness alone, no love, darkness

happy mood list : happiness, happy, spongebob

artist people : art, music, opera, classic music, mozart

list for teenagers : lady gaga, justin bieber, video games, 1 directioners, beliebers, one direction

list for love : love, lover, flirt, I love you, kiss, flirting, valentines day, dating

countries: talking about a country and its people always fun  usa, united kingdom, england, france, spain, sweden, Russia, denmark, finland, turkey, greece, bulgaria, germany, netherlands, japan, china asia, europe

languages: if you learn any language, add it for practice and meet new people... english, spanish, porteguese, french, greek, turkish, arabic, german...

sports: dont you like to talk about your favourite sport? sports, football, soccer, basketball, nba, nfl, uefa, tennis, volleyball, riding, cycling, swimming, hiking, fighting, judo, kung fu, athletism, Husain Bolt, David Bechkam, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Miami Heat

hobbies : dance, movies, books, fashion, knitting, reading...

PLEASE HELP ME with LISTS and lets make a best common listes for omegle


  1. tell me what is the most common interest on omegle??

  2. I suggest you put very unusual words. Because just cool people add unusual words as interests. Do you have an unusual hobby? or are you very simple :D

  3. ummm role-pley is a very common one...itd fun too

    1. true. omegle is best for role play

  4. If you put in Twilight you see even more jerking men.

  5. I need omegle interests to find girls

    1. you should use interests that girls like, for example:
      One Direction
      things you look for in a girl

  6. Add country and city names...

  7. Lauren Elizabeth Bell

  8. advice and help is common as well. quick way to unload any issues you have and seek an opinion