Blue Mosque Entrance Fee? How much money does entry cost?


Sultanahmet Mosque ( Blue Mosque ) is one of most blue-mosque-enterance-fee-ticket-pricebeautiful sightseeings in Istanbul. So you can be curious about ticket price of museums in Istanbul and learn each museums fees. But Blue Mosque is not a museum, it is a place of worship to muslim people. So enterance of Blue mosque is FREE to tourists or anybody in the world 🙂 you do not have to pay anything for entering mosques in Turkey. If you see some tip boxes around doors, they put them to collect charity, they take that money to use expenses of mosque.

Do not forget to read information on doors, Tourist entrance is near of mosque different than other people, because women need to get scarf from attendants. After your visit , you will give it back.


Never Touch the Ground While passing an underwater area – Bananakong Missions

BananaKong Mission

I like to play BananaKong on my Ipad. I especially like to do missions on game but I did not understand what it says on this mission. Can someone please help me what to do?


I finally passed this mission. It was easy, I just could not understand due to my lack of english. It says dont touch ground when you swim in underwater. If you never click screen, Kong will go to ground of Water. So you have to be careful and click until crocodile bites your butt 🙂

Tuba Buyukustun and her Husband Onur Saylak

tuba-buyukustun-her-husband-onur-saylakTuba Buyukustun is not only famous in Turkey, she has many fans all over world, especially arabic countries. Previous days, she gave an interview to a magazine in Lebanon. They call Tuba as Turkish Delight. on interview she tell about his husband Onur Saylak. She thinks he really suits well on Tv series. I guess she promotes her husband to Turkish producers 🙂 And she tell about her twins to magazine and adds “I am happiest woman when they call me  Mother”

You and Stranger both like Omegle! Find strangers with common interests

Omegle is best chat Site!

After common interests feature I started to think Omegle is best program for chatting and meeting new people. You just need to add interets to text area and Omegle will match u with another person who likes same thing. You can also add facebook likes. Just click “Use my facebook likes” button on main page. and Find strangers with commen interestes 🙂 Tell me which interests did you add?



Ben10 Toys

All Ben10 Toys

Ben10 is a famous cartoon character in the world. All world’s children love that hero boy so much. And they want to play with benten toys. I will show Ben10 toy photos on this page.
Benten Bcycle


Benten watch


ben10 computer laptop


Ben10 Bowling



Benten Figures monsters




Ben10 Toy Cars


Benten remote controlled car

How to go to Sultanahmet from Sabiha Gokcen Airport with Public Transport

I want to show how to use only public transport from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sultanahmet Area. Unfortunately there is no direct bus from Sultanahmet  to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

But there are buses from airport to Kadikoy. So you can use boats
on boshphour to go Eminonu.

     Sultanahmet – Sabiha Gokcen Airport Public Transport Route

e10-sabiha-gokcen-airport-to-kadikoy-public-busStep1  – E – 10 or SG – 1 BUS form Airport to KADIKOY

Firstly Get in E – 10 Public Bus on airport.. it is easy to find
them enterance, if you cant see just ask information office, or airport
staff around. This bus’ last destination is Kadikoy. So do not worry,
impossible to miss where to get out :D..

E-10 Bus details 

SG-1 Bus Details


     Kadikoy  – Eminonu Boat Route

kadikoy-eminonu-karakoy-boatsStep2 – USE BOAT from Kadikoy to EMINONU or KARAKOY

E-10 airport Bus will stop near sea side,
very  close to Eminonu – Kadikoy Boats station. U will walk a few steps to
get in Boat for passing to Europian side. it take 15 – 20 minutes to go
Eminonu from Kadikoy in boat. If you get out from boat in Eminonu, you can walk a few minutes to Sirkeci Train Station.

Eminou – Sultanahmet Tram line

Step3 – USE TRAM from Eminonu or Karakoy to SULTANAHMET

After You get out from boat, You need to use Tram for going to
Sultanahmet Area. Tram enterance a few steps away from Boat stations in
Eminonu or Karakoy. Karakoy seems better because walking distance is shorter. If you do not wanna use tram, you can use taxi to hotel door.
It cant be so expensive you are very close to your hotel now.



Alternative Way is Going To Taksim From Sabiha Gokcen. lets make it simple. Go to Taksim first and use Taxi to Sultanahmet.

SG -2 Public Bus goes to Taksim from Sabiha Gokcen Airport. you can use taxi from taksim to Sultanahmet.

SG-2 Bus Details

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area – Banana Kong Missions

Difficult BananaKong Mission

I am still playing Bananakong game on my Ipad2 . But i can not do that mission. I am sure what it wants from me from previous missions. But 8 currents are too much. So can you suggest me how can i catch currents , I generally miss them so I cant pass 3.

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area

Currents On Bananakong in Underwater

What is Current in Underwater?

I made a red ellipsis over it. it lets you increase your speed for 1 second. So you can gain on some distance with alligator on behind.



Cagatay Ulusoy and His Wife? Who is She?

Cagatay Ulusoy is a turkish actor and best model of Turkey. After he acted in many tv serials, he reached at fame wordwide. His fans are curious about his relationship. Is cagatay ulusoy married? Who is Cagatay Ulusoy’s wife?  if he is not married, does he have a girlfriend? Who is Cagatay Ulusoy’s lover? so I want to answer them all.

Cagatay Ulusoy is single so He has no wife…

Nowadays he is not with any girl, If he tells about his life on interviews, I will update this page and show his girlfriend’s photos.

This photo is from Med Cezir. Yaman and Mira married at the end of tv serial..
Yaman is Çağatay Ulusoy, Mira is Serenay Sarikaya.

Lots of magazine news said they are also dating in real life, but they never approved news. And now Serenay Sarikaya is together with Kerem Bursin.

This photo is from I named her Feriha
Feriha is Hazal Kaya, Emir is Çagatay Ulusoy, They also married in tv serie
So it is not real, only on turkish drama