Omegle Common interests Lists

I wrote something before to explain what is common interests on omegle. But I thought why do not we create our interests lists? For example you wrote many things at past. But today you feel so sad.. And you entered on omegle but topics are too irrelevant with your mood. Also people will not want to talk with you due to your mood. So let’s seperate our words as different moods..

ps: copy paste wont work on omegle, you need to add words one by one. good luck

Adventurer people list: Travel, traveler, couchsurfing, bungee jumping, extreme sports, parachuting, backpacker,

Sad mood list : sad sadness depression depressed stress loneliness alone, no love, darkness

happy mood list : happiness, happy, spongebob

artist people : art, music, opera, classic music, mozart

list for teenagers : lady gaga, justin bieber, video games, 1 directioners, beliebers, one direction

list for love : love, lover, flirt, I love you, kiss, flirting, valentines day, dating

countries: talking about a country and its people always fun usa, united kingdom, england, france, spain, sweden, Russia, denmark, finland, turkey, greece, bulgaria, germany, netherlands, japan, china asia, europe

languages: if you learn any language, add it for practice and meet new people… english, spanish, porteguese, french, greek, turkish, arabic, german…

sports: dont you like to talk about your favourite sport? sports, football, soccer, basketball, nba, nfl, uefa, tennis, volleyball, riding, cycling, swimming, hiking, fighting, judo, kung fu, athletism, Husain Bolt, David Bechkam, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Miami Heat

hobbies : dance, movies, books, fashion, knitting, reading…

PLEASE HELP ME with LISTS and lets make a best common listes for omegle

Blue Mosque Entrance Fee? How much money does entry cost?


Sultanahmet Mosque ( Blue Mosque ) is one of most blue-mosque-enterance-fee-ticket-pricebeautiful sightseeings in Istanbul. So you can be curious about ticket price of museums in Istanbul and learn each museums fees. But Blue Mosque is not a museum, it is a place of worship to muslim people. So enterance of Blue mosque is FREE to tourists or anybody in the world :) you do not have to pay anything for entering mosques in Turkey. If you see some tip boxes around doors, they put them to collect charity, they take that money to use expenses of mosque.

Do not forget to read information on doors, Tourist entrance is near of mosque different than other people, because women need to get scarf from attendants. After your visit , you will give it back.


Hazal Kaya and Her Boyfriend Photos

Who is Hazal Kaya’s Boyfriend? 2015

hazal-kaya-boyfriend-photo-ali-atayMost of people knows Hazal Kaya from Forbidden Love (Ask-i Memnu) and I named her Feriha ( Adini Feriha Koydum ) TV series. She made great job on these soap operas and She has lots of admirers now. And people is curious about her relationship status.. Is she single? no She has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name is Ali Atay. He is an actor who played in Leyla ile Mecnun. You see Hazal Kaya and her boyfriend Ali Atay in photos in this page. We do not know if their relationship is serious and if they want to marry. So she is not her husband for now.

They took this video after Hazal Kaya’s new Serie Maral, Maral started on March 2015

You and Stranger both like Omegle! Find strangers with common interests

Omegle is best chat Site!

After common interests feature I started to think Omegle is best program for chatting and meeting new people. You just need to add interets to text area and Omegle will match u with another person who likes same thing. You can also add facebook likes. Just click “Use my facebook likes” button on main page. and Find strangers with commen interestes :) Tell me which interests did you add?



Never Touch the Ground While passing an underwater area – Bananakong Missions

BananaKong Mission

I like to play BananaKong on my Ipad. I especially like to do missions on game but I did not understand what it says on this mission. Can someone please help me what to do?


I finally passed this mission. It was easy, I just could not understand due to my lack of english. It says dont touch ground when you swim in underwater. If you never click screen, Kong will go to ground of Water. So you have to be careful and click until crocodile bites your ass :)

SG-1 Airport Shuttle Istanbul – Sabiha Gokcen – Kadikoy

SG-1 Airport Public Bus

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is in Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. and if you want to do your airport transfer in cheapest way I suggest you use buses of  Istanbul metropolitan municipalit. You can find SG-1 coded buses on enterance of Airport. Just ask to information office or just ask people around. I m sure they will help you.

Kadikoy – Sabiha Gokcen Airport Shuttle Bus

SG-1 Bus Details – Departure Times

SG-1 Airport Bus on Istanbul Map



You and stranger speak the same language. Omegle Chat

Why all people in from my country on omegle?

After Omegle created interests box, They decided to match people from same country. So if you do not add interests or omegle cant match you with interests, you will chat with someone from your country.. Humm actually it is very good for a chat website. Because all people can not speak english so they may want to chat in their mother language. If somebody wanna talk english, they can use common interests.


I suggest you to add English as common interest. or any country name if you do not want to talk with people from same country.

I like to add travel too. So I can meet with many interesting people who travels. What is your most favourite interest on omegle?

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area – Banana Kong Missions

Difficult BananaKong Mission

I am still playing Bananakong game on my Ipad2 . But i can not do that mission. I am sure what it wants from me from previous missions. But 8 currents are too much. So can you suggest me how can i catch currents , I generally miss them so I cant pass 3.

Pass 8 or More Currents in Underwater Area

Currents On Bananakong in Underwater

What is Current in Underwater?

I made a red ellipsis over it. it lets you increase your speed for 1 second.



Real Madrid Dance Waka Waka Jose Mourinho Shakira Animated Gif

Jose Mourinho Shakira Dance



Real Madrid knows how to dance well 😀 This is second Real Madrid Victory Dance. You know first one is with Borat Movie. In this video I can see Jose Mourinho as Shakira and his footballers goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Marcello, Sergio Ramos and Christiano Ronaldo.. Original video is from Shakira Waka Waka song. It looks like samba or some african dances.